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Pure Raktha chandan/Red sandal/ Lal Chandan Powder-25 gram

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This product is 100% herbal and naturally homemade.

Sandalwood is a virtual ware house of goodness and has antiseptic,

astringent, anti inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

The antiseptic quality of sandalwood benefits to treat rashes,

acne, blackheads and other skin eruptions.

Its germicidal quality inhibits the growth of bacteria.

It is also a natural astringent, especially for oily skin and

also helps in toning up the skin. To better understand these terms

and their significance. Some of the benifits are - antiseptic:

antiseptics are antimicrobial substances

that are applied to living tissue/ skin, to reduce the

possibility of infection, sepsis or putrefaction.

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